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Golden Gate Enterprises
(757) 852-9299
6400 Glenoak Dr
Norfolk, VA
Norfolk Convention & Visitors Bureau
(757) 664-6620
232 E Main St
Norfolk, VA
Masonic Temple Association
(757) 423-8866
7001 Granby St
Norfolk, VA
Spirit of Norfolk Harbor Cruises
(757) 625-1463
208 E Main St
Norfolk, VA
Granby Theater Premier
(757) 961-7208
421 Granby St
Norfolk, VA
Jumping Gs Ice Cream
(757) 622-7744
1108 Tidewater Dr
Norfolk, VA
Reporters Com
(757) 625-6695
125 Saint Pauls Blvd
Norfolk, VA
The Murray Center
(757) 622-5660
455 E Brambleton Ave
Norfolk, VA
Voila'! Events Made Simple
(757) 620-3564
P.O. Box 6396
Norfolk, VA
Bel Aire Pancake House
(757) 588-0877
1613 E Little Creek Rd
Norfolk, VA

Bachelorette party planning: Planning a Fun Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties used to conjure up images of brides letting loose one last time before they tie the knot. But these days, the all-girl gatherings are more likely to be about bonding than getting drunk and watching men take their clothes off.

Fun Bachelorette Parties

Girls just want to enjoy each other

"A lot of people just want to spend quality time with their friends," says Cynthia Smuss, a wedding planner with Creative Occasions in Huntington, New York. "Getting married is a big step, and many brides prefer to spend special time with their closest friends and family members."

That doesn't mean that today's bridal party members don't want to have fun.

Rather, they are finding that tailoring the bachelorette party to a theme allows the group to socialize in a more creative atmosphere. Here are some examples of how brides-to-be and their closest friends and relatives are doing just that:

The Awesome '80s Prom

Take a journey back to the days of big hair and spandex through this reality theater production that takes place every Saturday in downtown Manhattan's Webster Hall. The scene is a prom from the 1980s; the characters hail from classic '80s movies like Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club; and the music is by Journey, REO Speedwagon and Cyndi Lauper.

"Our theme is girls just want to have fun," says the show's producer, Ken Davenport, who says the interactive show is a favorite among women of all ages and groups of all sizes. "They can get crazy and have a few drinks ...

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For some girls, the love of all things culinary prompts them to request a bachelorette party cooking class. Others just think it sounds like fun. Either way, this interactive dining experience is great for women who want to spend time together, learn something new, and eat a good meal. "Sometimes you get groups who haven't seen each other in a while. They want a chance to catch up," says Helen Rennie, a culinary instructor who runs cooking classes at Helen's Kitchen in Belmont, Massachusetts.

"Some people want to use the pasta roller or make their own sushi, " says Rennie. Popular bachelorette party themes include a passion for Provence and a culinary guide to the Italian Riviera. Regardless of the theme, the cost is $70 per person.

Of course, there are lots of types of cooking parties. Some involve baking, and/or cake decorating. For example, Elisa Strauss, owner of Confetti Cakes, in New York City, offers two- to three-hour private parties for 8 to 10 people at $125 per person. As with many private food-related parties, Straus asks prospective party organizers who visit if they have an idea or description of what they'd like to learn.

Image source Viking Cooking School


At Tiberias Spa and Salon in Lakewood, New Jersey, for example, the relaxed atmosphere lets the bachelorette and her guests spend time together while being pampered with à la carte treatments of their choice. There's a large conference ro...

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Bachelorette party: Top tips for planning a bachelorette party

A few guidelines to make any bachelorette party fabulous

Whether you're a sister, friend, or relative of the bride-to-be, keep in mind that planning a bachelorette party will run more smoothly if you keep these tips in mind:

  • Remember the future bride. This party isn't about making a group of women happy; it's about pleasing the bride-to-be. Make her interests and tastes the top priority, then plan accordingly.
  • Set a budget. Everyone invited may not be in the same financial situation. Determine a budget, figure out who is paying for what, then stick to it.
  • Leave no detail to chance. How many people will be attending? Can the place accommodate them comfortably? Will you rent a limousine for everyone? Does the bachelorette want to wear a veil or something else to symbolize her position to the world? Keep a checklist of details so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Keep the guest list small. Invite the bride's closest friends and family; six to ten people is a good number. More than that can get overwhelming.
  • Make reservations early. Most bachelorette parties occur within the few weeks leading up to the wedding. Plan the party and pick the date at least two to three months ahead of time. That way, everyone has enough to time to mark their calendars and look forward to a fun-filled get-together.

Image source: partyamerica

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More ideas for the part...

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