Bridal Shower Ideas Asheville NC

Looking for Bridal Shower Ideas in Asheville? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Asheville that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Bridal Shower Ideas in Asheville.

Busy Betties
(828) 989-8785
Howard St.
Asheville, NC
Market Connections
(828) 398-5254
82 Patton Avenue
Asheville, NC
Gwenn Ford
(828) 253-3012
171 Charlotte Street
Asheville, NC
Events for You
(828) 279-4132
10 Village Dr
Asheville, NC
Elite Events of Asheville
(828) 713-8653
12 Crestview Court
Asheville, NC
BobbyMark's Designs
(828) 450-3532
21 North Market St.
Asheville, NC
BobbyMark's Designs
(828) 450-3702
21 Market St.
Asheville, NC
Palettes of Perfection
(828) 239-0928
21 Wall Street
Asheville, NC
Four Lasting Memories Weddings and Events
(828) 527-2911
61 Quail Hollow
Asheville, NC
Asheville Event Co.
(888) 240-8062
P.O. Box 8998
Asheville, NC

Planning shower fun: Best bridal shower ideas

Host a fun bridal shower that the bride-to-be and guests will all enjoy. The key is to select party activities that let guests take an active role in making the party special. Some groups like creative ideas; others like the more traditional games that can lead to laughter. Here are several of both:

Recipe book

Ask each guest to bring a recipe for the bride-to-be. Provide hole-punched paper and a plastic sleeve, so that all recipes will fit in one binder.

Invite guests to write out their recipe or simply glue a printed recipe onto the paper and place in the protective sleeve. Also encourage guests to write a small anecdote, explaining why they chose this particular recipe.

Buy a pretty recipe book or binder, like the one pictured at the left , Guests will enjoy putting the book together at the shower.


Bingo is a great activity to help pass the time enjoyably, especially if there are lots of attendees and the bride has a huge number of gifts to open.

Before it's time to open gifts, give guests blank bingo cards (you can find free printable cards, like the one shown here or purchase them online )

Tell guests to fill the empty boxes with the names of the gifts they believe the bride-to-be will receive. Guests mark their boxes as the gifts are opened. The winner gets a prize.

Advice book

Start with a beautiful, bound, blank journal or themed advice book, like the one shown at the left.

Circulate it during the shower and allow e...

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