Champagne Toledo OH

Looking for Champagne in Toledo? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Toledo that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Champagne in Toledo.

Auburn Mini
(419) 472-9703
2367 Auburn Avenue
Toledo, OH
Airport Stop Inc
(419) 382-7711
3326 Airport Highway
Toledo, OH
The Andersons
(419) 473-3232
Talmadge Monroe Street
Toledo, OH
Monroe Carryout
(419) 243-8834
2829 Monroe Street
Toledo, OH 
Secor Carryout
(419) 536-3968
3241 Dorr Street
Toledo, OH
Berman W & Co
(419) 666-9782
336 J Street
Toledo, OH
Bailey's Rentals
(419) 531-3897
2108 Emkay Drive
Toledo, OH 
Bronze Boar
(419) 244-2627
20 South Huron Street
Toledo, OH
Stop & Save
(419) 385-5566
2154 South Avenue
Toledo, OH
Mid Town Food Mart II
(419) 536-3941
2560 Dorr Street
Toledo, OH

Champagne recipe: champagne bar

Pink Cocktail With Raspberry

Quick, light, sparkly, fruity, inexpensive, and oh, so delicious! What could be better?

Create your own stylish and bubbly cocktail for friends—in a flash. Use as an aperitif, when guests first arrive. Or serve it to those who want to toast and sip, but also keep it light.

Instead of buying costly champagne, try sparkling prosecco (Italian) or cava (Spanish) wine.

Here's the quick trick:

Pour about 1 ounce of almost any fruit-yummy liqueur into a lovely champagne flute and then slowly pour in 4 or 5 ounces of prosecco or cava. (Don't stir—you'll lose the bubbles!) Then garnish with berries, cherries, or an orange slice.

Some delicious liqueur choices:

Orange Cocktail
  • Chambord—raspberry
  • Grand Marnier—orange (or Triple sec, if you like it sweeter)
  • Marie Brizzard—blackberry
  • Cherry Heering—cherry
  • Créme de cassis—black currants
  • Apricot brandy—apricot

Also experiment with peach schnapps, Applejack, and Amaretto. You and your guests are sure to like at least several of these combos.

Prefer a non-alcoholic version? Mix and match seltzer with frozen fruit concentrate or juice. Frozen apple and orange juice concentrates work well. Cranberry juice adds a festive color, and anything with pomegranate juice will be trendy!

Want a keep-on-hand solution for last-minute non-alcoholic cocktails? Keep a bottle of grenadine on hand. Mix a splash of grenadine with ginger ale and garnish with a cherry. (Shhhhh...Don...

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