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Majestic Party Rental & Supplies Inc
(305) 826-0866
1690 W 38th Pl
Hialeah, FL
Party City of Hialeah
(305) 556-4260
721 W 49th St
Hialeah, FL
Aarons Office Furniture
(305) 556-6767
7395 W 20th Ave
Hialeah, FL
A amazing Fiesta Party Rental
(305) 456-9227
485 east 49 st
hialeah, FL
Deco Productions Inc
(305) 558-0800
7711 W 22nd Ave
Hialeah, FL
Your Choice Party Rental
(305) 512-4444
690 W 84th St
Hialeah, FL
Expo Convention Contractors
(305) 751-1234
645 W 72nd Pl
Hialeah, FL
Chicos Restaurant
(305) 556-8907
4070 W 12th Ave
Hialeah, FL
Grande Affaires
(305) 826-5233
7711 W 22nd Ave
Hialeah, FL
Glamour Banquet Hall
(305) 827-4646
8302 NW 103rd St
Hialeah, FL

Party ideas for businesses: Business party: Professional events getting friendlier

Business parties have always been a mainstay of the winter holiday season. But today, companies are planning parties throughout the year. And more parties than ever. If you're already thinking about your own company's next event--whether it's a catered summer picnic for employees or a client-focused gathering--here are some helpful insights from an experienced Long Island business event planner.

Business Party Glasses

Kristie Koppe Galvani, vice president of event planning at HJMT Communications, a public relations, marketing, and event planning company in Westbury, New York, says that in recent months, HJMT has seen the Long Island corporate party business become not only more active, but also more interesting.

"Business parties are definitely more people-focused, these days" says Galvani. "Events are purposely being planned around relationship-building. They're smaller, with more time built in for mingling and for people to get to know each other better," she says.

Enjoyment is the goal

"Cocktail hours are longer, and programs are shorter," Galvani continues. "What we're seeing is that businesses want less formality and more fun."

Of course, some companies, particularly larger ones, choose hotel banquet halls for their product launches, holiday gatherings, or other corporate events, she says. "But we're also seeing an interest in doing something different. Some businesses are looking to have parties in museums, at airports, or on the rooftops of restaurants."

HJMT is also planning business parties in venues that only a few years ago might never have been considered, says Galvani. Among them: sports arcades and bowling alleys.

Casual parties for clients

The value of entertaining seems to be apparent to a growing number of businesses. "Parties definitely are being written into more company marketing plans," says Galvani. "We're doing client appreciation-type cocktail receptions that aren't even tied to specific holidays or promotional events," she says.

"Companies have casual get-togethers in their offices. They invite clients and hire caterers to provide passed h'ors d'oeuvres or informal pick-up fare, or even just wine, cheese, and crackers," she says.

Galvani also notes another popular business party trend that shows no sign of abating. (See Tasty & Trendy: What's Now and What's Next .) "At business as well as social events, desserts are being passed around," she says. "People want mini-cheesecakes, chocolate-dipped strawberries, small ice cream...

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