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Local resource for high heels stores in Cumming. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to high heel pumps, high heel sandals, high heel mules, high heel platform shoes, high heel ankle boots, knee high boots, thigh high boots, and clearance high heel shoes, as well as advice and content on choosing comfortable high heels.

A & M Discount Boots
(770) 889-7998
204 Dahlonega St
Cumming, GA
Tacks Fifth Avenue
(770) 844-8225
8191 Ball Ground Rd
Cumming, GA
Payless Shoesource
(770) 205-7790
1555 Market Place Blvd Target Sc
Cumming, GA
Payless Shoesource
(678) 482-9011
1950 Buford Mill Dr Mill Creek Crossing Sc
Buford, GA
Famous Footwear
(678) 482-5114
3205 Woodward Mill Rd
Buford, GA
Foot Solutions-cumming
(678) 455-9535
521 Lakeland Plz
Cumming, GA
Rack Room Shoes
(770) 886-6422
1625 Market Place Blvd
Cumming, GA
Shoe Carnival
(770) 888-5098
1250 Market Place Blvd
Cumming, GA
Famous Footwear
3205 Woodward Xing #200
Buford, GA
(706) 265-6479
837 Highway 400 S # 150
Dawsonville, GA

Wearing heels that are sexy and comfortable

Before and during the party:

  • Be sure to get padded cushioning for under the balls of your feet, and toes, if possible.
  • Be sure your toenails are well trimmed—the pressure of cramped shoes on long nails can be excruciating
  • Wear your new high heels for several hours before your big event
  • Tuck band-aids and gel pads in your purse, to use at the first sign of pain
  • Try not to wear stilletos for more than 3 hours at a time
  • Be extremely careful when dancing; losing your balance can cause not only an embarrassing tumble, but serious and painful sprains and breaks.
  • Don't give your feet a chance to swell; instead of sitting for extended periods of time, stand and walk occasionally during the party. You look great--so get up and strut your stuff!

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Wearing heels that are sexy and comfortable

StilletosWe all know the deal:  Stilletos look hot!

Wearing them, we look sexy and feel sexy. High heels make our legs look great as we enter a room or spin around the dance floor during a night out, or at a party or special celebration.

We also know the likely result of wearing sky-high heels:  Pain.

According to Lesly Robinson, DPM, of the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, in Philadelphia, women are nine times more likely than men to develop shoe-related foot problems.

The increased pressure on the ball of the foot causes many painful problems, says Robinson. "You're getting overlapping toes, contracted digits, pain on the ball of your foot, calluses, and even bunions, hammertoes."

And there's more: High heels contribute to pain in our Achilles tendons, ankles, knees, and—since wearing heels thrusts our bodies forward into an unnatural position—our backs. 

Still, most of us aren’t willing to give up sexy high heels altogether. But there are some ways to wear stilettos and feel--well, maybe not great—but at least better at the end of the night:

Choosing high heels:

  • High heels push feet forward, cramming toes into the front of the shoe; the pointier the toe box of the shoe, the more your toes will be crushed. For some women, a more rounded toe box, or even an open toe will relieve some of that potential pressure
  • The more straps on a sandal, the more opportunity for blisters
  • Don’t opt for teete...

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