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John Martin Epley
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125 South Jefferson Ave
Cookeville, TN

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James M Grisolano
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768 S Willow Ave
Cookeville, TN

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Morrison Mullins & Sparks
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585 E 10th St
Cookeville, TN
Lighthouse Optical Of Tennessee Llc
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430 Neal St
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Michael Beecham Od
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Alissa Craft Hudson
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315 N Washington Ave
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Miller James E Od
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P.O. BOX 460
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Jane E. Wheeler-Smith, O.D.
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46 W. Broad St.
Cookeville, TN
Center Vision Development LLC
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600 E Veterans Dr
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Jeff Dyer OD
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15 S Madison Ave
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Optical fashion: Look Black-tie Glamorous in Eyeglasses

You've got the gown, you've got the jewels, and you're confident that your hair and makeup will look divine. But you feel like something's off. Could it be that your eyeglasses aren't as glamorous as the rest of your ensemble?

Glasses as an essential accessory—The fact is, if you're dressed to the nines in a glossy off the shoulder silk number with diamonds sparkling at your neck, granny glasses aren't going to cut it. "Choose your eyeglasses with the same attention to detail that you would your most captivating black-tie gown and accessories," advises Kentisha Silcott, a wardrobe stylist from New York.

In fact, Silcott maintains, a pair of well-designed frames can serve as the heart of your entire black tie look. "The key is to keep the balance of your look very sleek; smart, and unfussy. This way, you're showcasing those marvelous glasses—and in doing so, showcasing yourself," she says.

Image credit: Vogue eyeglasses from FramesDirect.com

Glasses and jewelry should complement each other

Vogue Glasses

Your glasses and the jewelry you're wearing and are not mutually exclusive. For example, if your glasses are wide and angular like the Vogue frames shown here, choose a piece of jewelry with a similarly angular quality--maybe a great bold ring or a chunky bracelet.

"But don't get all matchy-matchy, which can translate as contrived and stiff. Instead feel free to mix your metals--platinum with yellow or rose-gold can be stunning," says New York jewelry designer Karen Karch. Think about the density, texture, color, and shape of your pieces [including your glasses] and how they play against one another, she counsels.

Consider the shape of your face

The shape of your glasses should enhance--not detract, from the individual curves and planes of your face. Following are four basic face shapes and the frames that will best flatter them:

  • Round—Look for wider, angular frames, which will give your face a thinner, more contoured appearance. Rectangular shapes are usually flattering. Dark colors, such as black or dark tortoise, will make a round face appear thinner.
  • Oval—Because of its inherent balance, oval is considered the ideal, so if your face is oval-shaped, you have the most choices. As a general rule, choose frames that aren't any wider than the widest part of your face—which can throw off your perfect oval. Either round or angular glasses should look great on you.
  • Oblong—Frames should emphasize the center of the face, to reduce length; contrasting colors also will add width. Avoid small or square-shaped glasses, which only draw attention to the angles of an oblong face.
  • Square—A square shape means you have a stronger jaw line and a more prominent forehead. To soften your angles, try frames with curved tops and enough width to take the focus away from the jaw line; narrow oval-shaped glasses may look best.

Think about your coloring

Skin color should hel...

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