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Motif Custom Home Decor
(813) 714-0615
2901 Manor Ridge Pl.
Valrico, FL
Art Effects
(863) 521-3356
859 Buttercup Drive
Lakeland, FL
CB Art Effects
(980) 254-8535
PO Box 437
Mulberry, FL
Envision Your Room
(813) 759-8480
4511 Tina Lane
Plant City, FL
Focus Design Services
(813) 368-7420
P.O. Box 630
Lithia, FL
Motif Custom Home Decor
(813) 714-0615
2901 Manor Ridge Pl. Valrico
Valrico, FL
Art Effects...Murals and Faux Finishes
(863) 521-3356
859 Buttercup Drive
Lakeland, FL
A Dressed Up Nest
(863) 860-8245
510 Canterwood Drive
Lakeland, FL
Fusion Designs
(813) 417-4309
P.O. Box 615
Valrico, FL
Home Revival Staging
(813) 505-2505
15908 Ternglade Dr
Lithia, FL
Staging, Redesign, Color Consults, Room Flow, Space Planning
Patricia Deckert
Home Revival Staging
Prices and/or Promotions
See website for pricing options based on your needs, also offering Art Photography Prints - Free 8X10 Print w/$50 Order - mention nSphere directory

Party decor: Graduation party decor

If you're planning a graduation party, you've got lots of easy, great choices!

Choose from among several graduation party themes that are bound to thrill your favorite grad, and make all of the party guests smile, as well. Add easy-to-eat foods that teens love , and you've got the makings of a fun-filled and memorable graduation party.

Here are some classic graduation party decorations, to use as the basis of your party decor, or add to your personal touches. Most of these items are available in multiple colors, so you can choose the color scheme based on the grad's present or future school, or simply his or her favorite colors.


  Congratulations plates               Balloon weight (more colors)             Congrats confetti

                                 congratulations graduate cup

Graduation celebration flag          Balloons (all types and colors)      Congrats Grad! cups (all types)

       graduation signature hat              graduation bubbles             Graduation party supply pack

   Signature graduation cap              Class of '10 bubbles           Graduation party packs (all colors)

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