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Looking for Personal Chefs in Longview? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around Longview that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find Personal Chefs in Longview.

Wedding By Vince
(903) 758-7893
308 Lomond Ave Longview
, TX
(903) 232-8988
17 Carver St Longview
, TX
CDI Rental Services Inc
(903) 753-4481
291 S Eastman Rd Longview
, TX
T JS Circle Cafe
(903) 984-3928
100 Houston St Kilgore
, TX
The Cook's Nook
(903) 757-5300
1444 McCann Road
Longview, TX
Bpo Elks 1128
(903) 758-4069
2101 E Marshall Ave Longview
, TX
U-Nique Weddings & Catering
(903) 758-1865
1113 Creekwood Ln Longview
, TX
Exceptional Receptions
(903) 984-1872
6 Airport Rd Kilgore
, TX
Just For You Wdding Consulting
(903) 843-2340
906 Ruby St Gilmer
, TX
Bodacious Bar-B-Q
(903) 753-2714
904 N 6th St
Longview, TX

Chef hire: Hire a Personal Chef for a Special At-Home Celebration

Hiring a chef to prepare dinner for your friends is an indulgence that elevates at-home entertaining to white-glove standards.

Apparently, more and more people are enjoying the indulgence. According to the American Personal Chef Association, the personal chef industry will likely top $1 billion in annual sales before the decade is out. Some clients are busy dual-income earners who hire personal chefs to prepare their everyday meals; others enlist chefs to meet special dietary requirements. But a significant segment looks to personal chefs to ratchet up the exclusivity factor for their special occasions.

Hire a Personal Chef for a Special At-Home Celebration

Jim Huff, a Queens-based personal chef who goes by name The Traveling Culinary Artist (, serves clients throughout the metropolitan area. Huff says he often is hired for "significant" birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday entertaining. He has prepared romantic dinners for two and elegant feasts for 50.

The key advantage of a personal chef, Huff says, is flexibility. He points specifically to the ability to design made-to-order menus. "Restaurant and caterer line cooks are taught a set of recipes that seldom get adjusted based on the clients' specific palates," he says. "Personal chefs are generally flexible in terms of menus as well as individual recipes."

As a personal chef, Huff doesn't prepare foods in a commercial kitchen. All cooking is done on premises. "For more elaborate menus, this can entail cooking in the client's home for t...

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